Shine on you Crazy Diamond

Born and raised in Chennai, India, I spent a large part of my life in the subcontinent before moving to the United States to pursue a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. After completing my education at Michigan, I moved to San Diego in 2011.

I've been passionate about photography for many years now. Whenever I've got time away from my job as an engineer, I've always sought comfort in nature. My work has been published in various magazines, and has received awards from PX3, IPA, Stark Magazine and others. 

Artist Statement:

The beauty, grandeur and sheer magnificence of nature is what made me pick up a camera. It is this same feeling that drives me today to go out and capture moments in time that leave me in awe and wonder of the natural world. I love shooting nature, for I believe it is the toughest, yet most exciting muse to work with. I strive to find the perfect light, even if it lingers only for a few moments, and try to capture that one moment where man and nature are one.

I am drawn to the sea, growing up along the coast, that comes as no surprise. I find immense joy and peace when I'm out shooting the ocean and its many wonders. I hope to share this same joy and inspire you with my work.

Bottom line : " I want to share how a place feels like, and not how it looks like"
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